Wednesday, 2 December 2009

so no more beautyandmorex...

i deleted my account for personal reasons, i should have just stuck to it in hindsight but i didnt and now its gone and i cant get it back which totally sucks but there you go. i have a new account called hksparklez, its gonna be used for the same types of videos and stuff. so please go and subscribe!
love you all.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

huge haul swatches :) hehe

all swatches as promised, im good like that..

from l-r (seedy pearl, grand entrance, rated r, charcoal brown, phloof!) - without flash

same again with flash on.

rated r.

seedy pearl.

grand entrance.

charcoal brown


er.. cant remember :|

lime green


Thursday, 24 September 2009

no videos!

hi guys, so i know i havent made a  video for a while but i've been super ill. i got over one illness and im onto the next - so stupid. i did actually get round to recording two videos, "my skin care routine" and "my new foundation routine" but my facking microphone was off. it was perfect lighting and quality aswell. hm. but, anyway, its just to say that ive been feeling so inspired lately about videos! i cant wait to get recording again cause i have some great ideas coming up. can i also just note that ive been hugely inspired by kandeejohnson and petrilude, who are both on youtube, so go check them out (thought i imagine the vast majority of you are already loyal subscribers - i know i am.)

looks, videos, tutorials coming up:
  • haul video - yes, i know ive made three in a row now, but ive joined up to makeupalley - my username is hannahkeeleyspelman if anyones interested, and ive swapped for quite a few things there. i also went to barry m the other day and got an order through of mac and from the E.L.F studio line.

  • anne hathaway "white witch" inspired look - from the new Tim Burton film Alice in Wonderland. There wasn't a white witch in the original movie by disney but there is in the re-creation, so I shall be trying out that look.

  •  a queen of hearts inspired look, again from the new Alice in Wonderland and all the credit for this idea goes to kandeejohnson, her recreation of the look was amazing. And I am desperate to try out hiding my eyebrows using the gluestick method - petriludes video really intrigued me!

  •  Makeup for fall - bold reds, burgundy, burnt oranges and golds. Im loving all the videos that have been coming out by the gurus I subscribe too, theyve all been great and I can't wait to do my version of fall eyes :)

  • Bridget Bardot inspired makeup (and perhaps hair...) I love this woman, she is an icon to me. More so than Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn. I loved the muted matte look she carries and the kind of sexy roll out of bed attitude that comes with it. She looks statement but natural. Can't wait to do this look.

  • Classic pin up look - I do have a look like this called "retro pin up" but lets face it, the qualitys awful and it looks like somethings died on my head. I love pin up looks, I do them quite frequently on a day to day basis. I will also do hair because i wear my hair in a pin up style quite alot too. 

  •  Cheryl Cole inspired look - she's gorgeous and no one can say she isnt! she does many different looks so im gonna experiment and perhaps do my favourite, or even more than one. :) 

  •  Rihanna Inspired look - now honestly, i dont like rihannas look at all, and though i'd never wear it, i think her makeup is great. It'll be fun to re-create and play around with so im looking forward to doing this one too!

Saturday, 12 September 2009

long time no update! makeupalley & hauling.

so i've been hauling quite a biiit lately, i got two mac eyeshadows from the "love that look" collection which ive wanted for aaaages - i originally saw "grand entrance" in manchester airport but they didn't have it in, actually, the mac counter had NOTHING that i wanted in stock. so i bided my time, and bought them online, and i was actually watching this video... (look below) and i looooved the girls eyeshadow, and it turned out it was "rated r" again from the love that look collection, so i got that aswell. i ordered some shizzle from elf studio which i was suuuper excited about, and i've been make-up alleying to the max lately so ive got lots of lovely stuff coming to share with you all in a haul and swatches coming soon. i dont wanna do a haul on the elf and eyeshadows just yet, because in a couple of days i'll be showing you the makeup alley and i have way too many haul videos up right now (N), but when it is up remember to check that out :) the girl below hasnt actually done a tutorial on her eyes so i kind of figured out how to do it myself, and i will at some stage show you - because i love the look! 

(usename is: pinkcupcake211)

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Swatches of my favourite lip products :)

Hey guys,
So i posted a video on youtube talking about my favourite lip products, it was recorded on a not so high quality camera, so here are the swatches.

Blistex Daily Lip Conditioner

Mac Creme Team Creme Sheen Lipstick in shy girl

Mac Amplified Lipstick in Up The Amp

Mac Hello Kitty Tinted Lip Conditioner in Pink Fish <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

London Haul and Swatches :)

Sleek Palette - it's actually love (L)

without a base:

with a base (mac paint pot in painterly):

I love it so much, they dont need bases but when they do have a base under neath they're so vibrant. My palette is in "the original 456", there are two other palettes but i found this one covered most looks most.

2true eyeshadow dazzlers

without a base:

with a base:

really nice colours & an awesome deal as it was 3 for £5.00 (look further down for the third product). They are really pigmented, insanely so... with lots of glitter, but I knew that before I bought them so it wasnt a problem. What was a problem is the fact the containers dont contain the product properly, the green one leaks everywhere and they always explode out the pot as soon as I open them, otherwise, really pretty.

(lipstick in roman holiday and eyeshadow in party monster)

I reaally love my nars stuff, probably cause its my first products. The lipstick resembles what I thought MAC's "Snob" would, so I'm happy with that, and I like the consistency as it doesnt dry out my lips. Its also super buildable so yano :) I <3 style="font-weight: bold;">


- lipstick in up the amp
- sheer tone blusher in peachykeen
- paint pot in painterly

I love all my mac products. The paint pot is amazing and I've worn it every day since I've bought it, the lipstick is vibrant and really stands out, and the blusher is amazing, so much better than my one from the rose romance collection.


my favourite nude lipstick. I'd heard of it through lollipop26 on youtube, and i thought it would be similair to the barry m 101 (which i haaate) but its so not! its a really nice formulation so it doesnt completely make your lips loook thick and tacky, but looks as natural as a nude lip can get. i love it.

Benefit Dupes.